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All I do is eat, sleep, drink and SEW! (And get tattooed =) I'm married to a wonderful man named Chance Kenyon... We work together turning his incredible drawings into kick ass quilts! That's right, I make TATTOO QUILTS! As far as I can tell, I'm the only one.

Every quilt is an ORIGINAL tattoo design drawn by a TATTOO ARTIST. I pour my heart and soul into everything I make. I love to meet new people but I don't take kindly to copycats or SPAMMERS... I also make lots of fun things like aprons, bags, bibs and baby booties... Pretty much anything and EVERYTHING! You want it; we'll make it, contact us with your custom design requests!

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How do I purchase a quilt?
How long will it take to complete a custom quilt order?
How soon in advance should I place a custom order?
What is the adverage price for a quilt?
Can I draw my own design?
Do you make more than one copy of a design?

Custom Products: If you are interested in placing an order for a custom quilt please contact me at at All custom orders require a NON-REFUNDABLE $200.00 down payment to start the process. Once we have an idea of what you would like we will draw up a perliminary design which will be emailed to you for your approval. Fabrics will then be purchased and a photo with color mock up will also be sent before the production begins. An average quilt takes 2 months start to finish but because all orders are completed first come first serve it may take longer. So it's best to plan well in advance. If you need your order in less than 2 months feel free to contact me if my schedule allows I can expedite orders from time to time.

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Show Pieces: I generally complete 3-5 show pieces are year which I display at various conventions and craft shows across the country. Most of these pieces are for sale online and in person. If you are interested in purchasing a show piece please contact me at

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PAYMENT INFO: Payment can be sent via debit/ credit cards over the phone by contacting Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival 540-899-9002 we also accept paypal, money order and personal check *** please note all checks must clear before production begins, we also request certified fund be sent with tracking or signature confirmation ***

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How do I purchase a quilt? If you would like to purchase a custom piece please read the ordering info section. If you wish to purchase a completed show piece all you have to do is shoot me and email and we will take it from there.

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How long will it take to complete a custom quilt order? Generally the process takes about 2 months depending on difficulty of design. From time to time orders can be expedited but may require an additional fee.

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How soon in advance should I place a custom order? It is recommended that you place your order as far in advance as possible. I generally takes 2 months start to finish but we often have a waiting list which may push your order back further than 2 months. If this is not possible, email me. We will do our best to work within your time frame, though additional an fee may apply.

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What is the adverage price for a quilt? There is no "adverage" price for any one quilt. Each piece is priced based on time, size and level of difficulty. If you have a budget let us know and we will do our best to work within your price range.

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Can I draw my own design? Currently we only work with designs drawn by PROFESSIONAL tattoo artists. If you have something specific in mind, you are welcome to sned a reference and my husband Chance Kenyon will be happy to draw it up custom just for you!

If you happen to be a professional tattoo artist that would like to draw your own please contact me and we will do our best to work with you. Just keep in mind all design ideas must be flexible to assure they can be transferred to fabric (just like a tattoo)

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Do you make more than one copy of a design? No, unless specifically requested by client, each and every quilt is unique All designs are origional works of art by professional artists so duplicating these designs would be unethical without prior permission. ALL DESIGNS AND CONCPETS ARE COPYRIGHTED!!!

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Coffin Quilts- Standard size aprox 70in x 40in.... Tattoo oriented coffin shaped quilts are my trademark and by far my most popular pieces. I generally have have 2-3 show pieces for sale and also take custom orders. Designing a custom quilt is alot like designing a custom tattoo. I can replicate just about any idea you give me with a few exceptions. The size and shape of design must be workable with fabric. These quilts generally range from $800 to $1600. Price is based on on difficutly and time frame.

Tattoo Quilts - Baby, Throw, Twin, Full, Queen.... My basic tattoo quilts incorporate the same deisgn technique as the coffin quilts except these quilts can be made to fit any size bed, sofa or quilt rack. As with the coffin quilts design must be workable with fabric. The genral rule with these quilts is the closer you get to the center of the quilt the harder is it to work in small detail. There is a way around this by using hand quilting techniques as opposed to machine quilting. But because hand quilting is very labor intensive it will raise the price. These quilts are priced individually based on size, difficulty and time frame. Adverage price range are as follows Baby quilts $150-$250 Throw/Twin $600-$1000 Full/Queen $1000+

Kick Ass Patchwork Quilts- any size desired ....These are by far the most econimical quilts we offer. They are made up of basic classic quilting designs, only we use the coolest tattoo related fabric we can find like skulls, cranes, sailor jerry ect. If you already have a fabric and just wanted it made into a quilt that's no problem. If you see a fabric online we will do our best to special order it. All pieces are priced individually and we will do our best to work within your budget.

Wall Hangings....These are basically mini quilts. They incorporate all of the same imagry and techniques only on a much smaller scale. I started producing wall hangings as an option for people on a budget. I can work within just about any price range.

Custom Made Banners- A basic banner starts at $600 and is aprox 3ft x 4ft but I can producem in just about any size. Clients are welcome to incorporate their own art work or logo.

OTHER HANDMADE PRODUCTS- We make many other handmade items including Aprons, Handbags and Baby Items. All products are available for purchase at:

Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival 1919 Princess Anne St Fredericksburg VA
22407, ***custom orders are welcome schedule permitting

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News and Events

Fredericksburg Fall Craft Show

MKCQ will have a booth at the 2010 Fredericksburg ...

MKCQ will have a booth at the 2010 Fredericksburg Fall Craft Show located at the Fredericksburg VA Expo Center Oct. 9th and 10th!

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Gallery 22 Show!

During the month of Sept. 7 quilts will be on show...

During the month of Sept. 7 quilts will be on show and FOR SALE at Gallery 22 in Charlotte NC

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Catherine - 2007

"I was looking for a fun bridal shower gift for my girlfriend when I came across Mary..."

"I was looking for a fun bridal shower gift for my girlfriend when I came across Mary Kenyon's creations. I LOVE the funky aprons she makes and knew that would be a great gift idea.Mary was more than happy to work with me for a custom designed apron and it was was a huge hit at the shower! Since then, I have had many orders filled and I will definitely be ordering in the future!"

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